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Definition of Pronoun

Pronoun is a word which used in place of a noun.

There are 3 kinds of Pronouns.

  1. Personal Pronoun
  2. Interrogative Pronoun
  3. Relative Pronoun


Definition of Personal Pronoun

These pronouns are used for person.

These are 3 kinds:

  1. First Person
  2. Second Person
  3. Third Person

First Person: In a Sentence, a person who talks is first person. Example- I, We

Second Person: To whom, the person talks is second person. Ex- you

Third Person: About whom, the person talks is third person. Ex- He, She , it, they

First person- I, We जो बोल रहा है

Second Person-you जो सुन रहा है

Third Person- He, She, it, they जिसके बारे में बात की जा रही रही है

Person Number Subject Object Possessive Reflexive
adjective pronoun
I Person Singular I Me My Mine Myself
Plural We Us Our Ours Ourselve
II Person Singular You You Your Yours Yourself
Plural You You Your Yours Yourselves
III Person Singular He, She, it Him, her, it His, her, its His, her, its Himself, herself, itself
Plural They them their theirs themselves

2 Interrogative Pronoun

Definition of Interrogative Pronoun

These are also call “ Question Words” or wh-words”. In interrogative sentences, helping verb used after wh-words. Question Mark? Is put up after interrogative sentence

Word Meaning in Interrogative Pronoun Meaning in relative pronoun
Who (living person) कौन जो
What ( idea or non living person) क्या जो
Where (place) कहाँ वहाँ, जहाँ
Why (reason) क्यों इसलिए
When (time) कब ज़ब
How (manner of work) कैसे जैसे
How many (plural, in numbers) कितने उतने, जितने
How much (singular, quantity) कितना उतना, जितना
Which (slection) कौनसा जो
Whom (indirect object) किसकों जिसको
Whose (posession) किसका, किसकी जिसका, जिसकी

3 Relative Pronoun

Definition of Relative Pronoun

Relative Pronoun is used to connect two sentences.

When “wh-word” are used in the middle of sentence, they perform as a “ Relative Pronoun”.

Example of relative pronoun

  1. What are you doing?

In the above sentences “what” is performing as “interrogative pronoun”.

  • I don’t know what are you doing?

In the above sentence “what” is performating as “relative pronoun” because it connects two sentences.

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