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According to Dictionary “ARTICLES” refers to a particular item or object.

According to Grammar:
1. The words A, An and The are called Articles
(according to primary students)
2. Articles refers to the word which is used before noun in which defines whether something is specific or unspecific and it is type of adjectives.
(according to secondary students)

For Example: The Moon , The Earth , An Apple, A Boy etc.

ypes of Articles:
1.Definite Article
2.Indefinite Article

1.Definite Articles:
Definite Article refers to “The“. It defines the noun which is specific or particularly one.

For Example: The Earth is third planet in the solar System
The cat is black.
The book is heavy

2. Indefinite Article:
Indefinite Article refers to “A and An“. It defines the noun which is unspecific or one thing, it is not used with non-countable nouns.

For Example: Ram is a good boy.
I have a sports bike.
That is an excellent book.
I think this is an animal.

How to use Articles???
The Use of “AN”-
-Before a singular noun beginning with a vowel sound.
For Example: We are looking for an apartment.
An Apple

The Use of “A”-
-Before a singular noun beginning with a consonant sound.
For Example: That man is a scoundrel.
A girl
The Use of “THE”
-Before a singular or plural noun which is specific or particularly one in the World.
For Example: The theory of relativity.
The Taj Mahal

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