Voice: Active Voice and Passive Voice

By | December 6, 2019


There are two kinds of voices

  1. Active Voice
  2. Passive Voice

Active Voice:

When subject itself is achieve in sentences then it is called Active Voice or is in Active Form.

Passive Voice:

When object is active in a sentence or object works like subjct than the sentence is in Passive Voice.

Only those verbs be converted into passive which have objects or verbs have effect on subject. Those verbs are called transitive verbs.

Rules for Converting Voices:

  1. Objects are put at the place od subjects and subjects are put in the place of objects.
  2. VIII is used with helping verbs.
  3. Only transitive verbs can be changed into passive.
Subject Object
I Me
We Us
You You
They Them
She Her
He His
It It
  • The forms of Be- is, are am, was, were, be, being, been.

(Be, being, been) are used first after helping verbs.

  • ‘by’ or any other preposition is used for passive.

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